What Is The Basis Of Classification For The Transformers?

A transformer is an electrical device which is used to transfer the electricity from one device to another device. It simply generates a magnetic field around it to directly relate to the size of electric current. The transformers are classified into the different categories to choose the one for the perfect industrial application. It is mainly used to transform and distribute the power supply in an efficient way. All the transformers have two windings for the principle working. They can be classified into different categories on the basis of its working.

The Transformers Are Classified On The Basis Of Its Construction:-

Core Type Transformers: The device has windings in the shape of a cylinder which is mounted on the core limbs. It has different layers that are insulated from each other. Some materials are used for the insulation like paper, cloth, mica, etc. and low voltage windings are placed next to the core for insulation.
Shell Type Transformers: A shell type transformer may have the single rectangular structure or it may have a distributed form. The turns are the originally folded and mounted in layers piled with insulation between them.

The Transformers Are Classified On The Basis Of Its Purpose:-

Step-Up Transformer: The step-up transformer is used to turn up the voltage and the secondary winding of the device has more turns than the primary winding. It is used in the X-ray machines and the microwave to provide a good distribution of the power to the appliances. You can find the device near the power plants where high voltage is required in the operational processing.
Step-Down Transformer: The device works with the primary and secondary windings in which primary winding has more turns than the secondary winding it is designed to convert the high voltage current into the low voltage power current. They are mainly used in the industrial and home applications. The most famous example of the application is the doorbell.

The Transformers Are Classified On The Basis Of Its Supply:-

Single Phase Transformer: This is the basic type of the transformer which is the main part of classification. It is used in the various home and industrial applications.
Three-Phase Transformer: This device is used mainly in industrial applications and is preferred more than the single phase transformers for the various benefits of the device. They are the cost savers and occupy less space than the single phased version. You can use the device for the cost-effective and for its efficient working.

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